How to care for your swimwear

Our bikinis are of high quality which means that if you take good care of them, they will last for years.

We highly recommend hand washing with the Bikinis Over Everything cleanser as it is a wonderful product which takes care of your bikinis and the environment as it is eco-friendly.  

What to do step by step: 

Fill in a base with cool water and drop a few drops of your eco-friendly bikini cleanser into the bowl. 

Add your bikinis into the water and gently rub the soap into the fabric. Let them soak for 10-15 minutes. 

Afterwards rinse your bikinis with cool water. 

Avoid aggressively wringing out wet suits as it may loosen the fabric. Let them lay flat in a cool shaded area, as drying them in the sun for too long can cause damage to the fabric.

A few easy tips to let your bikinis look amazing every time you wear them:

  1. Always rinse your bikinis in cool water after use, even if you didn’t go into the water 

  1. Let your bikinis dry completely before wearing them again. 

  1. Always bring a few bikinis on vacation so your favourite one has time to dry in between use. 

  1. We recommend you lay your bikini flat on a towel to preserve the silhouette and fit. As hangning it may cause your suit to dry slightly misshapen. 

  2. Do not machine wash your swimwear as it can damage the shape.

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