The Mango Edit

Mango suits are a stable in our swimwear wardrobe. We call it the "delicious" color because it is so fresh and it literally reminds us of a ripe mango. 

This color will look amazing on ANY skin tone and we really mean any. Light or dark. No matter how fair skinned or tanned you are, this will suit you perfectly. We specifically picked this color for its ability to actually enhance skin tones. 

We currently have the Mango color in our classic Kyle bikini set and in the Neva one piece swimsuit for a more sophisticated and sexy silhouette. 

We always say, if in doubt, pick Mango - you really cannot go wrong.

See our One piece Mango swimsuit here:  NEVA SUIT MANGO 

Kyle Mango bikini set: KYLE MANGO

Pair your mango suit with other light colored items like an oversize white linen shirt or sarong and a white or natural straw hat. Pair it with gold chunky jewellery for a high end look. 

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