How we produce

At EG | DAMGAARD we wish to create great products through a sustainable and responsible production. We produce our collections both in Portugal .

Social responsibility and environmental responsibility is pivot in our production, and we are constantly seeking to optimise our production techniques through experience and knowledge. Right now we are working towards making all of our packaging eco-friendly and biodegradable. We have just recently switched to using shipping mailers, made from corn starch and that are biodegradable.

Designed in Denmark

In Denmark the creative process takes place. This is where we sample new styles and test new collections. Our design and sample process is always thorough in order to ensure products in exceptional quality which always supply flattering fits. Our inventory is located in Denmar along with our offices and all of our orders are shipped from here.

Made in Portugal

It is very important for us that our suppliers maintain a transparent cooperation with us. Therefore we have carefully selected a production facilities primarily in Portugal, which ensures fair wages and excellent working conditions. Furthermore, they produce products in strong and durable materials that are, of course earth friendly.

Cleaning up the oceans

We are proud to be a part of the environmental solution as well as supporting empowering and education of women. Through our supplier in Bali we support the ROLE Foundation, who work towards waste-free oceans as well as business-support for coastal communities and education for women. Their results are astonishing: In their two environmental education centres they have reached more than 6,000 children, trained 31 local environmental ambassadors, and educated more than 1,000 women since 2007. They have also arranged multiple ocean and beach clean-ups, and they have successfully implemented waste management systems in a number of coastal villages.

Our Materials

We believe in quality and sustainability and they are our core values in all of our value chain. We have carefully chosen materials for our products that ensure a great fit and look and delivers high comfortability in many years. Our products are meant for being used and they are designed to withstand exposure to sand, sun, water, sun cream and every other aspect of a beach-day.

We use a new innovative and eco-friendly materials from Italy. Our fabrics are made from ECONYL, which is yarn made from recycled ocean plastic. The fabrics are very soft and luxurious and extremely durable. Once you wear them, you will never go back to a conventional/cheap fabric again. That we can guarantee.

In other words - our bikinis are made in comfortable and durable materials, and they are well suited for long, lovely beach days.


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