Meet the brand and the woman behind

Hi my name is Mie Eg Damgaard. I know, my name is not easy to pronounce. I will be honest with you, I had a hard time coming up with suitable name, for a modern, minimalist and luxe brand. So in the end I just went with my own name. I hope that with time, people will come to associate my name with, sophisticated, modern pieces that lasts a life-time. 

I founded my company in early 2018 from a desire to create modern, fashionable pieces with an emphasis on nature and sustainability.

Prior to launch I spent years researching the industry, developing styles and the brand. I was searching for the perfect fabrics and manufacturers to work with. More crucially I wanted to create a modern brand that took on sustainability as priority.

I am inspired by the style and essence of the Danish minimalistic cool girl style as well as the history of the little Mermaid. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, my collections are inspired by the contemporary trends in Nordic fashion and lifestyle. 

My mission is to make your swimwear wardrobe a treasury of long-lasting lovable items in classic modern style and colours. 


A conscious brand

In the pursuit of influencing the fashion industry and pushing the trend towards sustainability, EG | DAMGAARD source responsible materials for our collections around the world.

Our fabrics are imported from Italy and are OEKO-TEX certified, freeing you from harmful chemicals and ensuring a more sustainable production of fabric.

Our garments are produced with love in Portugal where production has created jobs in the local community.

To fulfil our pledge of actively supporting cleaning of the oceans we donate a share of the production cost of each garment towards reliable projects cleaning the oceans.

Being modern-day Mermaids, sustainability and clean waters are cornerstones of our identity in EG | DAMGAARD.


Mie x