Banning plastic waste

This image, taken on a beach in Bali by @thelifeofjord went viral just days before Bali officially banned single use plastic. Bali has been fighting an ever-growing environmental crisis that’s littering the paradise island. We’re talking about plastic. ⁠

Ever since plastic was introduced to Bali without the right education and proper recycling facilities, plastic has been finding its way onto the beaches, into the waterways and even into food. But that’s about to change. On June 23rd 2019, dreaded styrofoam, plastic bags and plastic straws are now officially prohibited island-wide. 👏🏻 ⁠

The Governor hopes to reduce Bali’s plastic marine pollution by a whopping 70%. The initiative came after a wave of global media attention and disappointed beachgoers, including this viral photo.⁠

This is amazing news to us and we hope this historical move, will make waves into the rest of the world. ⁠

Our products are produced in Denmark but also Bali and Bali is very near to our hearts. We support the reuse of plastic and the cleanup of our oceans. Together we can ban plastic for good! #ethicalstyle

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