Banning plastic waste

This image, taken on a beach in Bali by @thelifeofjord went viral just days before Bali officially banned single use plastic. Bali has been fighting an ever-growing

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Our materials

At EG | DAMGAARD quality and sustainability are core values in all of our value chain. We have carefully chosen materials for our products that

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How Eg Damgaard swimwear produce their products

How we produce

At EG | DAMGAARD we wish to create great products through a sustainable and responsible production. We produce our collections both in Bali and locally

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The best beaches around the world

5 best beaches

Are you looking to find the perfect beach? Clear blue water, pink sand and breathtaking views are all you can hope for in a paradise-like

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Flattering fit bikini from Eg Damgaard swimwear

Flattering fit

All about that flattering fit bikini. Finding the perfect bikini can be a challenge. A bikini should first and foremost make you feel comfortable and

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How to pack for your next summer vacation

How to pack

A common frustrating part of planning a vacation for a resort or even a beach vacation is packing. Every piece of clothing may seem essential,

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