Our materials

At EG | DAMGAARD quality and sustainability are core values in all of our value chain. We have carefully chosen materials for our products that ensure a great fit and look and delivers high comfortability in many years. Our products are meant for being used and they are designed to withstand exposure to sand, sun, water, sun cream and every other aspect of a beach-day.


We use a mix of locally sourced, high quality Bali lycra fabrics and new innovative and ecofriendly materials from Italy.


Moving towards a sustainable future

We try to move towards a more sustainable company. Our future collections will only be made from the eco-friendly Italien luxury fabrics. They are super soft, durable and resistant to sun creams and tanning oils. Besides a lot of our fabrics, our hang tags are paper made from recycled cotton t-shirts and our shipping mailers are biodegradable.


Comfort and durability

We strive to produce bikinis that celebrate the female body and provide the wearer with great comfort. Therefore, we are proud to introduce our newest materials; the Renew Noir and Renew Mars. These materials are sustainable and are made from recycled nylon. Both fabrics are very durable, strong and super soft to wear. The Renew Noir is also quick drying and UV resistant.


In other words – our bikinis are made in comfortable and durable materials, and they are well suited for long, lovely beach days. 

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