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A common frustrating part of planning a vacation for a resort or even a beach vacation is packing. Every piece of clothing may seem essential, why we tend to overpack. To make the packing process more fun, we have created this guide, listing the most vital clothing to pack when going for a beach or a resort vacation. 


How to choose the right amount of clothes for your beach vacation?
The first and very important step is to choose which clothing you should bring. This might be the most challenging part – especially for women – because they do not want to miss anything perfectly wearable behind. If you are going on a resort vacation, make sure to check the laundry activities if you want to pack light. Bringing only the most necessary items assures you a light bag and the opportunity to fill the bag with nice stuff from the country, you will be visiting.


·         2-3 swimwear

Be sure you have several swimwear to choose from. This way you can change during the day to assure a perfect tan. Even for the sake of being able to stay dry, in case it is a bit windy, while you are tanning.


·         1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of sandals and a pair of sneaks

Considering which footwear to bring can be challenging. But as a simple rule, bring different for different occasions. Sandals have multiple functions for example. You can wear them both as nightwear and for day activities. If you plan to go for longer trips as hiking, make sure to have a good pair of sneaks with you. Walking for hours in heat can result in blisters, and no one likes blisters.


·         Propper clothes

Well, the amount of clothes can vary. For a 7-day beach vacation following may be suitable: 2 tops, 2 t-shirts, 3 dresses (one for night and two beach dresses), 1 pair of shorts and a pair of long pants. Not to forget a thinner jacket or a sweater for chilly evenings.


·         A big beach towel

Usually you will need only one big beach towel. These are easy to dry during the night, when not used. And as usual, you will find the regular towels at the hotel/resort. Ask the travel agency if you are in doubt.


·         Bags for wet clothes.

Not sure you will need them, but often we take one last dip in the ocean before hitting back home, so bring a couple just in case.


Other essential items to pack for your resort or beach vacation

Sunglasses are a must. But the absolute have-to-bring is of course sunscreen. Just remember to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Since you are trying to pack simple, you may delete snorkel, floaty and fins from your list. Often you can buy those at the local markets. A great book or a podcast in your ears can also be great entertainment, but keep it simple, choose only one book, you know you will read while sunbathing. 

Only thing left to say is: have a great trip.

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