Flattering fit

All about that flattering fit bikini.

Finding the perfect bikini can be a challenge. A bikini should first and foremost make you feel comfortable and beautiful – but how do you find a bikini that complements your figure? Here is some advice for bikini-finding for all different types of bodies.


Choosing the perfect bikini-top

Women with smaller chests can well choose bikinis with thin strings, which will complement your proportions beautifully. If you wish to add volume to your chest, you can pick a bikini-top with ruffles or embellishments. Otherwise a top with paddings is also an option.


If you are a woman with a bigger chest, you can very well go for a bikini with thicker strings, which will ensure beautiful proportions. Choose a bikini-top with double stitches and double lining for a flattering fit as well as high comfort.


Women with broad shoulders can very well opt for bikini-tops with asymmetrical necklines. These are very flattering for broad-shouldered women as they appear feminine and draws the eye vertically and not horizontally. You can also choose a bikini-bottom that creates an hour-glass figure. These are often high-waisted.


Choosing the perfect bikini-bottom

If you have a small butt, you should preferably go for a bikini-bottom with a bright and strong colour. Choose a bottom which does not cover your entire buttock can be very flattering for your figure. Furthermore, the same advice as for women with smaller chests goes; choose a bikini-bottom with ruffles or similar to add volume if wanted.


Women with bigger butts can well go for bikini-bottoms with a thicker string for the most flattering figure. It can also be very uncomfortable if the bikini-bottom is too revealing in the back and doesn’t supply sufficient coverage. Choose a bikini-bottom with enough fabric for you to be comfortable.


Women with big hips or ‘love handles’ can very well opt for high-waisted bikini-bottoms in order to emphasise your waist. You will like to avoid string bikini-bottoms that rely on your hips alone. This is neither flattering or comfortable.


Celebrating the female figure

Choosing a high quality bikini is crucial when chasing the perfect fit and comfort. At EG | DAMGAARD our creations aim to celebrate the female figure and accentuating the body and curves while still being comfortable. We spend a lot of time developing and fitting our bikinis, to make sure that they have a flattering fit on the female figure. We choose fabrics that stay in place and “lays flat on the body” to help ensure a great fit. Our products are always double lined ensuring no transparency and a comfortable fit. We believe that swimwear should look fantastic on any body type, small, big, curved or slim. 

Penelope bikini bottom from Eg Damgaard women´s swimwear
Back view of the Selma bikini bottoms from Eg Damgaard swimwear

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