fabric and swimwear care for your bikini tops and bikini bottoms from Eg Damgaard

We source the best materials from around the world to craft premium quality garments. Special care should be taken to ensure your garment will last you a lifetime. Dry cleaning or hand washing is recommended; please check the care label for specific instructions.


Our swimwear is made from fine Indonesian Lycra. Be sure to hand wash your swimwear after each use. We recommend Bikinis Over Everything natural soap for a gentle cleansing.


We take our corporate responsibility seriously and are committed to sustainable practices for a cleaner Earth. We’ve partnered with suppliers that share our commitment. A portion of our production costs goes toward cleaning our oceans andsupporting the work of ROLE Foundation.


For any suggestions on how we can do better, please send us an email to hello@egdamgaard.com // We welcome new ideas, suggestions, praise aswell as criticism on how we can improve. We look forward to hearing from you.

– The team


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